About Band Poster Printing

Band Poster Printing is here to help your band experience the same success that we’ve had!

We too, started at the bottom, and can relate to the hustle and grind it takes to build your dream.

Chris Landis, the founder of the company, is an innovator in the printing business. He got his start working at Kinko’s back in the 90’s, and quickly realized that Kinko’s high retail cost structure and staffing problems were unsustainable.

He started his own printing company out of his apartment with nothing more than a Mac and a laser printer. It took 25 years of grinding out consistent growth in a competitive industry to achieve success, or at least a steady paycheck.

Now, we want to help your band or record label reach your dreams too.

We use the hard-learned lessons of the last 25 years to keep costs low, streamline production, and beat the competition, all for you.

BandPosterPrinting.com is part of Phase 3 Graphics, a nationwide, full service printing company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Phase 3 Graphics is also the parent company of CampPhotoGuys.com and MissionaryCards.com.