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Is shipping really only $1.99?

Yes, we only charge $1.99 for shipping to anywhere in the United States (even Alaska & Hawaii). We ship your order using either FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail, whichever is faster. Overnight and foreign shipping is available. Call for pricing.

How soon is our order completed?

That depends on what you order, but most items are shipped out with 48 hours. For turn-around times see the information on each items page, or the chart below:

Posters – 24 hours
Jumbo Posters – 3-4 days
Flyers – 3-4 days
Pocket flyers – 24 hours
Handbills – 24 hours
Tickets – 2 days
VIP Passes – 2 days
Stickers – 3-4 days
Bumper Stickers – 4-5 days
CD Covers & Inlays – 3-4 days
CD Sleeves – 5-8 days
Buttons – 2 days
Business Cards – 3-4 days
T-shirts- 3-4 days

What is the difference between a CD cover and a CD inlay?

A CD cover goes on the inside of the jewel case, above the CD. It measures 4.75 x 4.75 inches. A CD inlay is almost the same thing, but it goes inside the jewel case underneath the plastic CD tray. Think of it as the “Back cover”. It is slightly wider than the cover at just under 6 inches because it also includes the spine (side) of the jewel case. See diagram below.
Jewel Case Graphic

What is the difference between a flyer and a handbill?

Flyers are printed on a heavier stock, and include a UV coating and bleeds. They are a high quality promotional piece. A handbill is the same size as flyer, but does not have bleeds or UV coating. They are more of a quick, disposable promotional piece, and are more cost effective and quicker alternative to flyers.

Do you offer other services, like folding or stapling?

Yes, we sure do. Because we are a full service print shop, we can offer a full line of finishing services, such as binding, collating, stapling, cutting, shrink wrapping, scoring, folding, tabbing, perforating, padding and die cutting. Email us for a quote, or check out our parent website, Phase 3 Graphics at

Why do you insist on printing from PDF or jpg files?

PDF files are ideal for printing over the internet or across networks, because no other linked files or fonts are needed to properly print your document. We can also accept high resolution JPG files. Files that are not in the accepted formats (.tiff, .eps, .cdr, .doc, .pub, etc) may not print properly.

What are your favorite bands or musicians?

Chris: John Lee Hooker, Led Zeppelin, R.L. Burnside & Sonic Youth
Joan: Phil Collins, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Bruno Mars

Can you send us printed samples of your products?

Yes, we would be happy to. Just email us and let us know what you would like.
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